Counselling In Canadian Citizenship

Receiving a Canadian Citizenship is optional and you are eligible for it after 3 to 4 years of living in Canada as a permanent resident. We also provide you counselling on the Canadian Citizenship as a whole process.

Citizenship and Passport related applications

  1. Citizenship applications
  2. Keeping in mind that you meet all the eligibility requirements, we assist in the process of becoming a Canadian Citizen with all the documentation and legal requirements. We also help in paying online application fee and all other requirements, such as you need to be a Permanent Resident and should have paid your taxes etc.

  3. PR card renewal
  4. With extensive knowledge and expertise of handling your documents, we also help our applicants in getting PR Card renewals to our applicants.

  5. Passport application
  6. We also help our clients and their family members in the passport application process with documentation and eligibility requirements. We help you in timely completion of your processes and get passports ready upon fulfillment of requirements.

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