Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very dedicated team that wants to make sure that you do not have any questions moving forward. In the frequently asked section we try to answer most of your common queries and questions asked by a good percentage of our clients. Here is looking at these frequently asked questions.

1. What are the different types of visas which are available ?

As in total there are 60 visa programmes for the Canadian Immigration. There are certain visa programmes which can be availed for a certain state with different laws. For example Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

We specialize in different types of visas which include student visa, express entry, temporary resident visa and various skilled programmes depending on the eligibility of the candidate. We can tell you what category you fit in so we are also able to help you accordingly.

2. What is the most suitable immigration type for me if I want to move to Canada ?

We can look for certain options that will fit but we always need to evaluate your profile and assess your eligibility so we are also able to help you make the right decision. We have an experienced staff that can take your visa step by step and we can make your Canada Dream a bit easier.

3. What is an express entry visa ?

The express entry visa was a program which was implemented 5 years ago in 2015. According to this rule some Immigrant skilled workers can apply for Permanent residency in Canada by entering a pool of candidates. The applicants are awarded points based on qualification, work experience, age and other factors also determine your chances for eligibility.

4. How long is the visa process ?

Depending on the program and what you are looking for we start your paperwork and inform you what you need to do at different stages of the visa process. Depending on the nature of your case and visa file it can take upto 18 months for your process to complete.

5. Do I benefit from having relatives in Canada ?

The answer to the question is yes you benefit from having close relatives who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada. The relatives have to be first degree relatives such as parents or siblings or second degree relatives such as children or grandparents. Certain points are rewarded for close relatives in these categories but the individual case has to be evaluated in order to determine your status for a visa.

6. What is the comprehensive ranking system ?

The comprehensive ranking system ( CRS ) is a point ranking system which determine the status of your visa eligibility for your Skilled Worker Program. It depends on the following :

  • Skills
  • Work Expeirence
  • Educational Qualification
  • Language Skills
  • Other Factors

7. What is the Right Of Permanent Residence Fee ?

The Right Of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) is a fee which is paid by each applicant and their common law partner to get a Permanent Resident Visa. The few is fee hundred Canadian Dollars and also varies for dependant children of different age. This is different from governmental fees paid by applicants already in Canada. The fee changes with changes in Canada legislature so it is to be paid accordingly.

If you would like to further your plans to be in Canada and get more information, you can reach out to us through our Contact page on the website. We would be happy to assist you with any queries and questions that you have.