Express Entry

Express Entry is an online system approved by the Canadian authorities that allows skilled workers/ employees to become Permanemt residents in Canada. Anyone who qualifies for Federal Skilled Worker Program and other similar programs are eligible to apply for an Express Entry. Express Entry is a competitive program which invites skilled workers in Canada to apply for a Permanent residence based on a ranking system. All parameters such as age, education, work experience and language proficiency matter among other factors. We also encourage to start paperwork for qualifying candidates.

Here are some other terms that we that will help you understand the visa document related categories. They are are listed as follows :

  1. Federal Skilled Worker
  2. A federal skilled worker in Canada is a person who has suitable educational qualification, work experience and language ability under one of Canada’s official languages. A federal skilled worker is someone who is qualified to apply under the Express Entry system who are qualified to apply for Canada’s Express Entry Immigration system to apply for permanent residence.

  3. Federal Skilled Trades
  4. The Federal Skilled Trades is a program just like the Federal Skilled Worker program also falls under the Express Entry visa to get a permanent residence. The Federal Skilled Trades program is meant for workers who are skilled and meet the general requirements of the express entry system. ( for example chefs, butchers, electricians, construction workers etc ).

  5. Canadian Experience Class
  6. The Candian Experience Class (CEC) is a category in which people with qualifying work experience can get a Permanent Residence in Canada. This program was introduced keeping in mind the Temporary Foreign Workers and foreign graduates that have a qualified work experience.

Provincial Nominee Programs :

The Provincial Nominee Program is a category of visa that falls under the Non Express Entry. The PNPs allow the Canadian territories and provinces to nominate individual applicants who want to immigrate and settle in a particular province.

  1. BCPNP ( British Columbia )
  2. This is a provincial nominee program which allows workers in professional fields such as management, technical job, trading or other skilled jobs to apply for a Permanent Residence in British Columbia. To qualify for this program you must have at least 2 years of work experience in the field and must accept a job offer from an employer in British Columbia.

  3. AINP ( Alberta )
  4. The Alberta Immigrant Immigrant Nominee Program ( AINP ) is an economic Immigration Program in which grants permanent residence status in the state of Alberta. This type of immigration also allows your spouse/ dependant children a PR to the state. The AINP program is suitable for workers having experience in the demanded professions to fill in jobs in Alberta.

  5. OINP ( Ontario Immigration Provincial Nominee )
  6. The Ontario Immigration Provincial Nominee program is suitable for skilled foreign workers in highly skilled occupations. The candidates eligible to get a job offer with minimum 2 years of experience and those who meet the prevailing wage levels can qualify to Immigrate in the State of Ontario. The candidate have to meet the State’s cutt off requirement

  7. AIPP ( Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program )
  8. The Atlantic Immigrartion Pilot Program is also a method of Immigration into the state of Atlanta that qualifies some workers and graduates to apply for Permanent residence in the state of Atlanta. You must be a skilled worker who qualifies for the program or a recent graduate of a publicly funded institution of Atlantic, Canada.

  9. MPNP ( Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program )
  10. The candidates who meet certain requirements of the Manitoba PNP can get a Permanent Residence in the province. You may submit an application if you meet the requirements include

    • In the age group of 21 to 45
    • Conform to MPNP that you are not strongly related to another province
    • Have employability and adaptability in the state of Manitoba

Business Immigration

Canada is a great 1.7 trillion $ economy with so many opportunities and experiences to be had. For our responsible community is also eager to talk with those who want to invest in the economy. We provide you very practical and easy solutions for your business. If you are a business person wanting to invest in Canada, we can help you find out whether you qualify for Canadian business immigration and give a great follow up process. We are surely here to advice you how to move further with your business goals and travelling to Canada. We work hard to meet our client expectations at every step. We are also here to guide our business clients to get visa process done for their employees under the Provincial Nominee Programs and Express Entry Visas.

Family Immigration

The family immigration program covers how a Canandian Permanent Resident can sponsor a relative/family member or a spouse to live and get Permanent resident in Canada given that all the requirements are met. Here are all the 3 categories :

Spouse and common law sponsorship

The Canadian Immigration System also allows the Canadian permanent resident to sponsor their in law family given if they are able to prove that our client is not an assistance beyond disability and is able to financially support the common law/children. A Common law partner also in the program is someone who has lived with a permanent resident of Canada for atleast 12 months in Conjugnal relationship.

Family Class Sponsorship

A family class sponsorship in Canadian Immigration is intended to unite adult permanent residents or Citizens of Canada to sponsor an immediate relative to immigrate in Canada. The applicants also need to prove their identity, age and relationship in the case. The sponsor also needs to be a citizen or permanent resident.

Parents/Grandparents sponsorship program

There are certain eligibility requirements for this Program but this allows a Permanent resident or citizen in Canada to sponsor Parents/Grandparents given that they meet all the criteria. The program also needs some Sponsors to have minimum income requirements.

If you need more clarifications on specific terms you can also visit our FAQs page and let us know if you want to start a process through our Contact Us page.