We have the services of an experienced legal attornies to help you deal with all areas regarding immigrating to Canada. We have great experience in Canadian Immigration and we can help you obtain professional and legal services in the following areas relating to your visa:

  • Immigration Appeals
  • Federal Court Applications
  • Immigration Refusals And Delays
  • Legal Opinions And Consultations
  • Corporate Immigration Compliance

Refusals And Appeals

Refusals are inevitable and can happen anytime with any type of application. Regardless whatever the reasons for refusals may be, we can assist you to reapply or appeal a decision from the IRCC in the following cases:

  1. Visitor Visa or any other visa.
  2. Study and Work permits
  3. Immigration related refusals.
  4. Any other refusals that fall within the jurisdiction of Canadan Immigration and Refugee protection act and its regulations.
  5. Any errors on IRCC related documents that require amendment or fixing.

Our team has utmost expertise in previous refused cases. You may contact us for our immediate assistance and guidance in any of the above related matters. For further clarifications and reaching to us directly, you can reach out to the Contact section of the website.