At Vaseba Immigration we have a very strong community of students, professionals and advisors who know that your journey to Canadian land is important for you. We can can assess your early needs and also give you an estimate of the cost and resources that you need. We provide a proper support system as we value our student population and consider it is our duty to inform you with latest immigration laws, changes and demands in the education Industry. Once we have gotten in touch with a student for the visa process we take care of everything for your student profile to requirements and eligibility criteria. We work with some major educational institutions. We are there with you for your journey and provide external support. So our professionals are also great mentors for the students to ease your needs. Here are the types of student permits and student visas that we can assist you with to get started with our services :

We help you understand and identify your needs for the purpose of studying in Canada. A study permit is what helps you stay in Canada for a duration of your academic studies in the country. Here are the types of study permits also classified below :

  1. SDS and NON SDS Streams
  2. SDS – Student Direct System is a program that allows student visa permits to study in Canada under the designated learning institutions ( DLI). You go for the non SDS stream category if you do not meet the eligibility points for SDS.

  3. DLI institutions
  4. The Designated Learning Institution is a school that is approved by the government or territorial state government to host International students in Canada.

  5. University Study Permits
  6. We also offer you entry to Programs such as University Study permits that help you to stay in Canada for the purpose of studying in a recognized University in the area of your Study.

  7. ESL based study permits
  8. The students who take up an ESL language based program ( English As Second Language ) can get study permits to improve on language, grammar and knowledge base of English for the purpose of study. ESL visa study permit also allows you to work part time.

  9. Study permit extensions– inside Canada
  10. The students that are already studying in Canada can apply for study based extensions. We also help those on study visa who are looking to extend their stay in Canada to advance and further their studies.

We wish you a great journey moving to Canada with your academic and long term goals.You can know more about it on the FAQ’s page. You can also Contact Us on our contact page.