Work Permit

A work permit is as important for your career as any other eligibility requirement for the purpose of staying in Canada. There are a lot of categories in which the work permits can be classified in. It is important to identify and make sure we need your individual needs to suit the nature of your work. We help in documentation and meeting requirements of the following work permits :

  1. Post Graduation Work Permits
  2. For Students already enrolled into post graduate level courses and wanting assistance with post graduation related internship and work permits.

  3. Spousal Open Work Permit
  4. The Spousal Open Work Permit apply to the applicants of spousal or common law partner visa those who want to work in Canada on a temporary resident status.

    Employer Specific Work Permit/ LMIA based work permits
    We also help applicants get the paperwork and visa process who are linked to a specific employer for the duration of their job in Canada in a lawful manner. Also covering LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assesment which is a document a Canandian employer needs to hire foreign workers in Canada.

  5. Work Permit Extensions
  6. For our applicants and Canadian residents on work visa who want extensions on their already existing work permits and want to complete the requirements in a timely manner given that their employer is also intending to hire them on an extended period.

  7. IEC Work Permit
  8. The IEC Work Permit system allows young people from other countries to travel and work in Canada. Depending on the 30 countries where applicant applies from, the visa can last from a period of 12 months to upto an year.

  9. Holiday Working Visa
  10. Similar to the IEC work permits, the Holiday Working Visa also helps young people from other countries to get temporary work permits even if you do not have a job offer in Canada. Candidates in age range of 18 to 30 in 30 different countries.

  11. Co-op Work Permits
  12. A co-op work permit allows a student to work full time during their academic terms in Canada. A Co-op work permit is only granted to students if your work is integral to your study ( like an internship ).