At Vaseba we understand that you want your career goals to align with your long term goals to settle in Canada. We have all legal and expert help to get you started with work in Canada. We also expertise in the following.

Work Permits

A work permit to simplify is a form of work visa that qualifies overseas Individuals to work in the country for specific period of time. Work permit are granted to all three categories of :

  • Business Immigration People
  • Permanent Workers
  • Temporary Workers

At Vaseba Immigration we handle the requirements and paperwork for your business to sustain and support temporary resident workers and work programs for skilled programs. Here are a few options that we use to help our clients achieve it.

  1. International Mobility Programs
  2. The International Mobility Program (IMP) is another way for employers to hire temporary workers without obtaining an LMIA. The exemptions from the LMIA program are based on the following :

    • it invites a broader cultural, economic and competitive advantage to Canada
    • there are also many reciprocal benefits enjoyed by the residents of Canada

  3. Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  4. The Employers in this case need to obtain a LMIA ( Labour Market Impact Agreement ). The LMIA helps verify that there is a need for a temporary worker as No Candian or permanent residents are available for the nature of the job.

  5. Guidance for employers/businesses to hire a foreign worker legally in Canada
  6. We also have the know how and the expertise to handle requests to help support your business. We can guide our customers who are employers in Canada and want to hire foreign workers, assist them to get the legal paperwork done and make sure the process is communicated in a timely manner.

  7. Types of permits, licenses and permissions required for businesses to hire a foreign worker in Canada.
  8. We are also handling the eligibility requirements that include the types of permits and licenses needed by your business to hire foreign workers in Canada who are immigrants.

We can cover your questions and queries relating to temporary residence on broad detail in FAQ’s section and our team is happy to answer any queries you may have. Reach out to us through chat or our contact page.

We asses our client requirement in all three categories and let you know how the requirements are met. Once this is done we start with the filing process.