Parent's Super Visa application

Parent's Super Visa application

Anyone who qualifies for Federal Skilled Worker Program and other similar programs are eligible to apply for an Express Entry. Express Entry is a competitive program which invites skilled workers in Canada to apply for a Permanent residence based on a ranking system. All parameters such as age, education, work experience and language proficiency matter among other factors. We also encourage to start paperwork for qualifying candidates.
Permanently settling down in a foreign country is always a dream of many aspirants and they spend a lot of funds to fulfill this dream along with the preparation for various examinations. Canada is a popular nation where every visitor or student wants to settle down. The nation is extremely popular for its studies, polite attitude, amazing syrups, sports, and beautiful locations. Express entry Canada is sufficient for any person interested in becoming a permanent resident of this amazing nation where he or she can live a dream life. Let’s find out what’s it:
It’s a scheme launched by the Canadian government in 2015 that is simply used to manage the labour gaps by filling the positions for the workers who want to become permanent residents of the Canadian nation. The best thing about this immigration express entry is, it easily creates skilled workers that have the potential to succeed economically. The platform is great for the immigrants to become skill ready so they can have a better living in Canada.
The process works when a candidate applies for express entry. The government of Canada checks the candidate if he fulfills the express entry Canada requirements or not. Once he fulfills the requirements, he is taken in for the express entry pool where the rankings for each candidate are given. A point-based system is used by the government to provide the rankings in the express entry where numerous factors like the age, work experience, education, language and more are considered for the selection.
There are diverse costs that are provided on the official site of the Canadian government and as per it, the fee of immigration to Canada using the express entry eligibility is around CAD 2000 (for a single participant). The other costs include language tests – $300, educational credential assessment cost – $200, biometrics costs – $85, government fee – $1300 per person, a medical examination fee of $400 and police clearance certificates fee of $100 per country. However, it’s a matter of great concern that you will only require the government fee once you are selected for the Canada express entry eligibility. Be sure that you also have sufficient funds that can be shown to the government of Canada for the resettlement. You may have to show in between $13,000 to $35,000 in your account to become an eligible candidate for permanent residency in Canada.

Programmes Available in Canada for the Express Entry


Canadian Experience Class

It’s a program for skilled workers having Canadian work experience. The individuals must have at least three years of experience before they submit their application status to check their eligibility for express entry.


Federal Skilled Worker Class

These are those candidates who have foreign experience and want to get the Canada pr express entry to become the permanent resident of this nation. These candidates must have met the education criteria.


Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program is for those who are qualified in the skilled trade. They must have a valid job offer in their hands or a qualification certificate.

How Does Express Visa Canada Work?

The process is really simple and requires two stages to fulfill the task. The first stage involves the candidates that are eligible for the express entry Canada requirements that indicate to the Canadian government their interest in achieving the Canadian permanent resident status. The other stage includes the candidates that have the highest scores in the selection process scoring to get an express visa in Canada. These are the following steps you need to follow in the selection procedure: