Express Entry Application (FSW, CEC, FST)

The Express Entry system is the primary pathway for skilled workers to obtain Canadian permanent residency. It encompasses three federal economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and the Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Program. If you are a skilled professional seeking to build a promising future in Canada, Vaseba Immigration is here to guide you through the Express Entry application process.

Our Services:

1. Eligibility Assessment: Unsure about your eligibility for Express Entry? Our team of experts will assess your qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency to determine your eligibility and suggest the best program for you.

2. Profile Creation: Creating a comprehensive and competitive Express Entry profile is crucial. Our consultants will assist you in preparing a well-structured profile that showcases your skills and qualifications, maximizing your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

3. ITA Application Support: Once you receive an ITA, timely and accurate application submission is essential. Vaseba Immigration will guide you through the documentation process, ensuring your application meets all requirements for a successful submission.

4. Post-ITA Support: After receiving an ITA, applicants have a limited time to submit their permanent residency application. Our team will provide dedicated support during this critical phase to ensure you submit your application within the given timeframe.

Why Choose Vaseba Immigration?

Express Entry Expertise: Vaseba Immigration specializes in Express Entry applications, familiar with each program’s unique requirements and criteria.

Comprehensive Approach: We take a comprehensive approach, addressing every aspect of your application to present you as an ideal candidate to Canadian immigration authorities.

Success-Oriented Strategies: Our team employs proven strategies to enhance your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, increasing your chances of receiving an ITA.

Professional Document Preparation: Accuracy and completeness of your application are crucial. Vaseba Immigration ensures that all your documents are professionally prepared and organized.

Post-Application Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with application submission. We continue to support you throughout the processing time, addressing any inquiries that may arise.

Embark on your journey to Canadian permanent residency through the Express Entry system. Contact Vaseba Immigration and let our team of experts navigate the complexities of Express Entry for you. Begin your path to Canadian permanency now! Contact Us Today