PNP (EE and Non-EE)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an immigration pathway that allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals with the necessary skills, work experience, and education to meet their specific economic and labor market needs. The PNP offers both Express Entry (EE) and Non-Express Entry (Non-EE) streams, providing a unique opportunity for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and international graduates to obtain Canadian permanent residency.

Our Services:

1. Eligibility Assessment: Unsure about your eligibility for the PNP? Our team of experts will assess your qualifications and preferences to determine the most suitable PNP stream based on your profile.

2. Application Preparation: Creating a strong application is vital for PNP success. Our consultants will assist you in preparing a well-structured application, showcasing your skills and qualifications to the provincial authorities.

3. Document Compilation: PNP applications require comprehensive documentation. Vaseba Immigration will guide you in gathering and organizing all necessary documents to support your application.

4. Provincial Nomination Support: Once nominated by a province or territory, our team will provide guidance on next steps, including the application for Canadian permanent residency.

Why Choose Vaseba Immigration?

PNP Expertise: Vaseba Immigration has in-depth knowledge of the various PNP streams, ensuring tailored strategies for your nomination success.

Detailed Guidance: Our consultants provide detailed guidance throughout the PNP application process, addressing every aspect to present you as an ideal candidate to provincial authorities.

Enhanced Chances: We employ proven strategies to enhance your chances of receiving a provincial nomination, leading to faster processing and potential additional CRS points in the Express Entry system.

Business and Entrepreneurship: If you are an entrepreneur looking to establish or invest in a business in Canada, our team can assist you with PNP streams specifically designed for business immigration.

Post-Nomination Support: Our commitment extends beyond the nomination stage. Vaseba Immigration provides support throughout the permanent residency application process, ensuring a seamless transition to Canadian permanency.

Explore the Provincial Nominee Program options and discover your pathway to Canadian permanent residency. Contact Vaseba Immigration to begin your PNP journey with the help of our expert team. Secure your nomination and embrace new opportunities in Canada now! Contact Us Today!