June 13, 2019

What are the Top 10 Benefits of Canada PR?

Are you planning to be a Permanent Resident of Canada soon? What could be better than becoming a resident of Canada? Famously known as a ‘Paradise for Immigrants’, Canada welcomes immigrants by increasing its limit of annual intake. It is easy for immigrants to settle in this land permanently. Canada also offers a diverse range of employment opportunities. This land is economically strong and is an ideal location for immigrants. In this article, you will learn the advantages of PR in Canada.

Who is eligible to become a Canadian Immigrant?

Before knowing the advantages of PR in Canada, it is wise to check the eligibility criteria. As per Canadian immigration laws, the following are the eligible immigrants to Canada.

1. Family Class: Immigrants with financial support in Canada are eligible to receive benefits from Canada PR. Once you become a permanent citizen of Canada, you can settle along with your family by sponsoring their immigration. Under the Canadian immigration laws for Family class, you can bring your spouse, dependent child, or common-law partner.

2. Economic Immigrants: It comprises the Canadian Experience Class, Skilled Worker Class, and Business Class.
Canadian Experience Class: It is for people who are already residing in Canada as temporary citizens.
Skilled Worker Class: The labor market of Canada seeks a skilled Worker Class for economic progress.
Business Class: If you have funds to support the Canadian economy, you can have the advantage of permanent citizenship in Canada.

3. Compassionate and Humanitarian applicants: Some immigrants are considered exceptional cases. Normally, such applicants are not eligible to receive permanent citizenship in Canada. It includes family ties, shifting in Canada, and repercussions of denied requests.

4. Refugee Class: This is the last class eligible for becoming an immigrant in Canada. Refugees are individuals who seek protection from their native land and desire to settle in Canada as immigrants. Canada’s permanent residents can sponsor eligible refugees.

Top 10 benefits of permanent residency in Canada

Immigrants require Permanent Residency status to start living and working in Canada. They can permanently settle in Canada after receiving the status of PR. Following are the benefits of having the status of Canada PR.

1. Right to Live and Work: Canada is ranked second in the list of best countries to live and work. It is a prime hub of economic prosperity, cultural richness, quality of life, entrepreneurship, and a sustainable environment. The benefits of Canada PR include the freedom of settling in any province or territory of Canada.

2. Visa extension or renewal after five years: The status of Canada PR is valid only for five years. Some are valid for just a year. Canadian PR laws have not prescribed a limit on the number of times visa status can be extended. The PR officer considers the history and purpose of the immigrant to check if a valid reason exists to resume Canada’s PR status.

3. Allows sponsorship of family members: Once your family receives Canada PR status, they can settle, study, and work in Canada. You are eligible to sponsor your family only if you’re above the age of 18 years. It is one of the best advantages of PR in Canada.

4. Free education for your child: Another important benefit of getting PR in Canada is free of cost education. The Canadian government sponsors the education of students up to the age of 18 years. They believe that education is the right of every child. Your children will receive free education till 12th grade if you have permanent residency status in Canada. The education system in Canada consists of three levels
Secondary, and
While applying for the University level, Canada PR receives deductions in tuition fees.

5. Universal healthcare facilities: If you have the status of Canada PR, you are entitled to free healthcare facilities. Also, prescription medicines are free. As a permanent resident of Canada, you can choose to apply for public health insurance.

6. Social benefits based on credit: With accrued 40 credits, you can receive numerous social benefits in Canada. It is equal to your ten years of job. Canadian PR receives high-paying job opportunities. Also, you get tax rebates. Social benefits also include disability benefits and retirement pensions. These benefits help lead a quality life in Canada.

7. Key to Canadian Citizenship: With Canada PR status, immigrants can stay for five years in Canada. If you live for 1,095 days, which means three years, out of the total five years, you become eligible to receive Canadian citizenship. Once you receive citizenship, you are open to a pool of opportunities.

8. Freedom to travel: It is another advantage of PR in Canada. Are you tired of being confined to a place? Canada PR status allows you to move in and out of Canada. You become independent to settle in any province of Canada. It means you can seek a new life with new job opportunities. Canada gives you the freedom to grow in your personal and professional life.

9. Freedom to become an entrepreneur: Canada PR, also known as landed immigrants, have the freedom to start their businesses. Immigrants receive legal rights to start a business. You can start your new business or invest in a franchise. You are independent to become a sole proprietor or start a partnership firm.

10. Peaceful Environment: In 2007, The Economist remarked Canada is the safest and most peaceful country. Canada serves as a prime destination for immigrants. It offers a safe & secure environment. Canadian Charter 6 ensures the safety of Canadian immigrants. You receive complete protection from the authorities and the government.

These were the main benefits of permanent residency in Canada. What would be your top concern as an immigrant? Indeed, your safety and security in the host land. The Canadian government is responsible for maintaining a peaceful environment. Canada offers you every possible opportunity to flourish in your career. What else does one need as an immigrant? There are a number of accessible benefits of Canada’s PR status. After living for almost three years in Canada, immigrants can apply for Canadian citizenship. Canada is a top priority for students and immigrants seeking job opportunities. Vaseba immigration is your best shot to proceed further. Vaseba provides industry specific advice, online consultations, free consultation sessions, regular communication, real-time file status notifications, interview preparation, ethical and formal counseling and much more.