June 13, 2019

How to apply for a Spouse/Partner Open Work Permit from within Canada

What is a Spouse open work permit?

Open work permit Canada is a limited-period permit that allows one’s spouse/ partner to work any job, anywhere around the country with minimal restrictions.

Can my spouse apply for an open work permit in Canada?

Absolutely yes, if you have a valid study or work permit you can without worry proceed with sponsoring and start the processing of the open work permit for your spouse. Depending on the status of the permit you hold, the requirements of the spouse open work permit for your partner may differ.

 Spouse open work permit Canada eligibility requirements

In order to be sure that you are legally qualified to move further in the process of an open work permit application for a spouse, there is a certain eligibility criteria that must be met:

  • The relationship stated with the foreign national applicant, permanent resident, or citizen is genuine and legitimate.
  • Residing spouse in Canada must hold a valid study or work permit.
  • As per the eligibility criterion set forth you must meet the requirements in order to apply as the spouse of a foreign national or a Canadian sponsorship applicant.
  • There should not be any record of criminal or medical inadmissibility.

Any further Canada spouse open work permit requirements are likely to vary depending on the category under which you are applying.

How long does it take to get a spouse open work permit in Canada?

There isn’t any minimum timeline under which the open work permit application for a spouse is processed, however, the official website of the government states that it may take up to 12 months depending on the number of applications they receive. Other factors like the permit category or incomplete documents submitted also contribute to the delay of open work permit application.

Spouse open work permit Canada fees

There is a standardized open work permit fee of $255 CAD out of which $155 CAD is the work permit processing fee and $100 CAD is for the open permit holder fee.

How much funds are required for Canada spouse open work permit?

The amount of funds required for a spouse open work permit is not definitive, although, in order to convince the concerned officer who will review your application, the funds should be demonstrated in a way that they look sufficient enough and proves that you can stay in the country without being a liability to anyone. It is essential that you consult a professional to prevent any refusal risk regarding the funds in your open work permit application for your spouse.

How to apply for a spouse open work permit in Canada?

Thanks to the growing technological advancements which help in easing many tasks, even though you yourself can apply spouse work permit for Canada online as well now, through the official website of the Government of Canada, it is highly recommended that you seek consultation from professionals who deal with spouse open work permit in Canada on a regular basis. As mentioned frequently there are various categories and each application has a different procedure, the open work permit suitable for your profile has to be determined and then worked on. Our team of experts is dedicated to always serving you, you can schedule a meeting with us anytime and we’ll help you evaluate your profile.

Documents required for spouse open work permit Canada?

Each category under which you apply has its own checklist of documents, same goes when you apply for spouse open work permit application, it will have a different set of documentation requirements. While various documents may differ, some of the paperwork remains the same for spouse open work permit Canada requirements.

  • A valid copy of your passport
  • Completed application forms
  • Digital photo
  • Original marriage certificate or proof of common-law status
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) letter
  • Medical exam results (if requested)
  • Proof of payment for applicable government fees
  • Proof of spouse’s status in Canada
  • Proof of status in Canada
  • Provincial nomination certificate (if applicable)

The above-mentioned is not a finalized checklist as you proceed further with your application for spouse work permit you can be asked for additional documents by the concerned officer and to prevent any refusal it is suggested to thoroughly check your paperwork before submitting.

How long is my spouse open work permit Canada valid?

The validity span of your spouse open work permit is directly linked to the validity of the lead applicant’s (spouse or partner) permit expiration date or in some cases the date your passport expires before the lead applicant’s permit.

How can spouse open permit Canada be renewed?

It is necessary to understand that once the open work permit of spouse expires there is no way it can be renewed. However, there are aspects considering which you can re-apply for spouse open work permit, like if your permit expires, but your spouse or partner still has a valid permit then you are eligible to re-apply for a new permit. To prevent any last-moment re-application anxiety it is suggested that you apply for an extension on your permit before it expires, as it’ll provide you sufficient time to strengthen your case.

Medical request for spouse open work permit

Due to the growing number of applications that Canada receives on a regular basis and the foot traffic of immigrants that has been increasing drastically every day, it has become an essential step that every person must get an IRCC-designed medical health check-up from the IRCC-approved healthcare center. While submitting your application if the medical examination hasn’t been attached to it, it is very likely that you’ll receive a request from IRCC asking you to get it done and submit it on an urgent basis so your file can be processed.